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Simple Push: Publish directly from Obsidian to any API
Plugin to publish markdown into a blog super fast without even login or load web heavy CMS.
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Active Used by 22,072 people, last commit 14 days ago
KTP Anabul: App that generates ID Card for pets
SaaS that create ID Card for pets easily, with the goal to find more missing pets.
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Active Used by 165 people, last commit about 1 month ago
Jadwal Roket: a bot that tracks rocket launches schedules
Auto-post every T-5 minutes with real-time banner that shows how many people currently in space.
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Archived Last update 11 September 2018.
Black Pink Box: MIDI-controlled lights with Live 9 and Arduino
Lightshow gear with only using Arduino UNO and Ableton 9
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Active Last update 19 June 2014
REM FM Streaming: a Digital Radio Streaming App and CMS
Mobile App and Custom CMS for amateur student radio in Universitas Negeri Semarang, achieved 1,000+ downloads.
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Archived Last update 19 June 2014.
Elybin CMS: an Open Source Content Management System
Creating CMS from scratch using PHP, achieved 1,000+ downloads.
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